“we could not imagine dancing anywhere else”

At a very young age my daughter expressed her love for dance whenever she heard music she would bop along the beat. Many friends had said we needed to get her into dancing as she was ‘naturally a dancer’. I had heard about The Bloc Dance Academy from attending performances of friend’s children, seeing the level of dance and skill levels of the dancers and teachers at The Bloc, I knew this is where I wanted my daughter to grow into the dancer she wants to be. At the age of 3 we decided to give it a go and I emailed our local dance studio The Bloc Dance Academy about trial lessons. I received an email straight back with all the information about the classes offered and we were invited to come along to a trial lesson for the Saturday Boppers. Instantly we loved The Bloc. We were welcomed with open arms and into The Bloc family. One of many of the reasons we chose to be apart of The Bloc family.

My daughter is a shy but independent miss with a huge character in the comfort of her own home. Since starting at The Bloc I have seen my daughter grow not just in dancing but in her self-confidence both in the studio and on stage but also in the development of relationships and interactions with her peers. She now speaks with older students and teachers rather than shying away and has many a cuddle with her peers just to say hello. She has formed many beautiful friendships with her fellow Kindy students but also with older students and teachers. In 2018 at the age of 4 my daughter had the opportunity as a Kindy dancer, to be invited to a part of the under 6 troupe where she has had the opportunity to advanced her dancing skills and perform in her troupe group at dance competitions against other dance studios and stay on to cheer and support to her peers in their competitive performances. This opportunity has taught my daughter not only new dance skills and more confidence but has increased her love and passion of dance, the importance of supporting her fellow dances and has expanded to more incredible friendships across The Bloc family. The Bloc has taught my daughter the value of friends and family but also to value the experiences in life both big and small, shaping her for a very exciting future in dancing but her aspiration to become a school teacher like many of The Bloc’s dance teachers.

Whether she is in class dancing, on stage performing or practicing for the 1000th time in the lounge room she is always smiling and this is a credit to The Bloc and their incredible staff. They provide a warm, welcoming and supportive environment to everyone that walks through the door no matter who they are from a parent, experience dancer or teacher, to a new dancer looking to pursue their passion for dance.

Three years later and we are still dancing with The Bloc Dance Academy, but this year my daughter expressed an interest in other classes offered by The Bloc. So, we have taken the opportunity to try some of the other classes available such as solo lessons, Drama and Glee Club along with being a part of the Kindy classes offered for Jazz, Tap and Ballet but also the Under 6 Troupe.

The Bloc Dance Academy is well known across the community for their skill, openness and passion of dance but also at dance competitions where they are regarding highly amongst their competitors. Only yesterday whilst getting my hair done another lady who was attending the hairdresser was chatting to the hairdresser about her daughter wanting to dance. I did not hesitate in recommending The Bloc and telling her all about our wonderful experiences but also the variety of classes offered to the community from 18-month old to the new Adult’s dance class offered.

We could not imagine dancing anywhere else and I would not hesitate to recommend The Bloc Dance Academy to anyone looking at enrolling their child or themselves.

Amanda M

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