“amazing, caring, knowledgeable staff”

My daughter has been dancing with The Bloc Dance Academy for 5 years now. She started dancing when she was two in their mums and bubs class. She took an instant love to dance and I loved the warm, friendly. environment that The Bloc offered.

I started my daughter in dancing so she had an outlet for physical and creative activity, but what we got was a whole lot more. My daughter was a very quiet and reserved child and throughout her time at The Bloc I have watched her confidence grow and her dance ability improve immensely. The teachers have nurtured her and helped her to become the girl she is today.

My daughter has been given lots of love and support and has been given the opportunity to be a part of The. Bloc’s troupe team and been given the opportunity to compete in as a soloist. She loves being able to perform at competitions, concert and at local community events. When asked what she thinks of The Bloc she stated “I just love getting into my uniform and when I walk through the doors of dancing I feel like I am at home”. What more could a parent ask for!

My daughter aspires to be like the older girls that dance at The Bloc. She loves watching them dance and can’t wait until she can do what they do. While I don’t expect my child to be the best or love dancing forever, I do believe that the skills and knowledge that she gets from the staff at The Bloc Dance Academy will set her up if she so wishes to pursue dance long into the future.

I originally chose for my daughter to dance at The Bloc because of its reputation within the local community. I loved the positive feedback that I got from other parents whose children were currently dancing there and seeing the talent that was coming out of their studio cemented my choice.

We keep returning to The Bloc every year because of the amazing, caring, knowledgeable and talented staff and the wonderful environment they continue to provide for not only my child, but to everyone that steps foot into their studio doors. I love that my daughter dances at the longest standing studio within the Wollondilly shire and know that she is in safe hands. I have no doubt that they haven’t just had a major impact. on my daughter’s life, but lots of children in the Wollondilly Shire over their 10 years in operation.

The Bloc is a place where friendships are formed, life lessons are learned and discipline is taught.

The Bloc Dance Academy is more than just a dance studio – it’s a family.

Rachel C

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