Jazz is one of the most popular dance styles of all time. Jazz is a fun and energetic style of dance that allows students to dance to their favourite singer, showtunes, RnB, or even some classics. In this class dancers will learn the foundations of dance including how to kick, turn and leap.



In tap, students use their feet like drums to create funky rhythms to music. Teachers will show students how to brush, shuffle and ball change, and learn many more moves made famous by tappers such as Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, and more recently The Tap Dogs. The studio follows both the ATOD and Glen Wood Tap syllabus.



Ballet is one of the oldest forms of dance. Ballet is a graceful form of dance that allows dancers to tell a story through movement and music. Based on techniques developed over hundreds of years students will learn the basics of ballet as well as more advanced movements as they proceed through their grades. The studio follows the Australian Teachers of Dancing syllabus and offers exams to those who would like to participate.



Hip-hop has quickly become one of the most popular styles of dance. Students will learn how to move just like the characters of these very popular movies. Students will learn how to pop, lock, break, and slide.

The Bloc is leading the way in hip hop with its Hip Hop crews being crowned national champions in 2017.


Pre-schoolers (Ready Set Dance)

Classes are designed especially for preschool aged children. Classes are structured using many creative and imaginative activities based on preschool curriculum.

These activities help to define the students movement, rhythm, fine motor skills, and their love of dance. We also LOVE our theme weeks such as Teddy bears picnic, Frozen, Beach party etc…

See our READY SET DANCE page for more details


Kindy Bloc (Kindergarten students)

The start of big school can often be overwhelming for students, so students can still enjoy dancing without becoming worn out we run a specialised Kindy class. This class runs for 45 minutes and teaches students Jazz, Tap and Ballet. This is a fun and energetic class specially designed for your little groover.

Musical Theatre/Broadway Jazz

Musical theatre combines dance, singing, music, and acting to tell a story. Students will learn these skills by learning routines to all our favourite musicals such as Wicked, Hairspray, The Lion King, and many more…



During this class students will learn lyrical, modern expressive and traditional contemporary pieces. This style of dance is versatile and pushes the boundaries of the body's natural movement.



During this class students will be taught acrobatics by a gymnastics trained coach. Students will learn balance, flexibility, agility and coordination to control traditional gymnastic tricks such as cart wheels, round offs, beranis etc...

Glee Club

If your child loves to sing along to their favourite tunes this is the class for them!!! Our Glee Club will help grow your budding performers confidence on stage. Students incorporate vocal and performance training in this exciting performing arts class.



Does your child love to act? Are they a bit of a drama queen? This is the class for them. In this class students will be taught the essential skills to become a confident and professional actor through fun and exciting activities.



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